Blogs may not be as popular as they were, say, around 2010 but they’re still pretty damn great. The China blog, similarly, has undergone a period of retrenchment, with former perennials like Beijing Cream,, and (my own favourite) China Hearsay having long since bit the dust.

So why bother? This blog will simply be a compendium of the book reviews and other articles I do on China. There’s still a very active English-language media space in China, and I do some freelance work there. So this will be my clippings curation.

My background?  I lived in China from 2007-2014, working in English teaching (hey, it’s the entry-level job), media and advertising. I loved it, especially Beijing, but knew when it was time to leave. However, China sunk its claws deeper within me than I’d anticipated, so I still write on it. I’ve got to the point where all I know is how little I know about the place, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the pieces.