Brexit articles

I’ve had a couple of articles on Brexit published in Global Times in the past few weeks: one on the general ins and outs of the whole process, and one on the more recent convulsions, including the vote of no confidence in Theresa May.

(You might wonder why I write things for Global Times. All I can say is I’d write exactly the same article for any other outlet).



Blogs may not be as popular as they were, say, around 2010 but they’re still pretty damn great. The China blog, similarly, has undergone a period of retrenchment, with former perennials like Beijing Cream,, and (my own favourite) China Hearsay having long since bit the dust.

So why bother? This blog will simply be a compendium of the book reviews and other articles I do on China. There’s still a very active English-language media space in China, and I do some freelance work there. So this will be my clippings curation.

My background?  I lived in China from 2007-2014, working in English teaching (hey, it’s the entry-level job), media and advertising. I loved it, especially Beijing, but knew when it was time to leave. However, China sunk its claws deeper within me than I’d anticipated, so I still write on it. I’ve got to the point where all I know is how little I know about the place, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the pieces.